Oracle Dynamic Reports

Integration XEP with Oracle XDB - live demonstration of generating dynamic-batch reports from Oracle 9i.

10,000 records are stored in Oracle 9i and then XEP is used to format XML to PDF. XML-XSL-XSLFO-PDF. Various styles (format) of reports (PO's and charts) are generated using different XSL-XSLFO stylesheets (templates)

Templates are created using XEdit - RenderX tool with Microsoft Word as a WYSIWYG, as XSL stylesheet, template designer.

The tool supports the powerful abilities for declarative designing embedded data; and XEP allows producing high quality reports in many output formats. This demo generates 3 kinds of reports in 5 different styles:

  • Purchase Order in "Classic" and "Modern"
  • Pivot Charts in 2D-bar, 3D-bar and Pie-Chart
PO styles
PO template 1 PO template 2 Future style

You can chose a Chart report's style in the Gallery bellow.
Chart styles
bar chart 3d bar chart pie chart

You can download all documentation and the project's resources.
Documentation and source code
 Integration XEP with Oracle XDB (article) Integration-XEP-OracleXDB.doc

Please note: this is a RenderX Labs product, it may be a bit wobbly and your feedback can help us get it up and running.