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Reports Made Easy  (Prototype)
Powerful mass mail-merge from Excel and Word
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Sophisticated Reports, Invoices, Bills, Direct Mail from Excel & Word

Imagine you have your information in Excel. Imagine you want to create a complicated report, or send bills or invoices to your customers, or send 5,000 pieces of well formatted mail-merged letters. How many times you wished you could do it using software you are well familiar with? Now you can do it from your own computer. In security of your office or home.

Get started quickly and easily.


1 Use data from Excel
You can easy generate many different reports based on Excel data


Design template by Word
You can easy design report template by Word
3 HTML, WordML, PDF, PostScript, AFP output formats
You can simply generate report in different formats


Send pieces of well formatted mail-merged letters
You can easy send your reports by email


Please note: this is a RenderX Labs product, which means it's just getting onto its feet,
you should expect it to be a bit wobbly, and your feedback can help us get it up and running.

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