From Atoms to OWLs the new ecology of the Semantic Web

Track: KP, Metadata and Semantics

Audience Level: High Level view

Time: Tuesday, November 15 09:00

Author: Jim Hendler, University of Maryland

Keywords: XML, Semantic Web, OWL, RDF


Over the past couple of years, Semantic Web deployment has really started rolling. Successes have included adoption of RDF by major corporations and the development of new ontology-based technologies of use for many enterprise and web applications. Despite this, controversy still seems to abound with respect to both the relationship of the Semantic Web to XML, and the use of these technologies. In this talk, I will explain what the Semantic Web is all about and, perhaps more importantly, attempt to dispel two pervasive myths -- that XML and the Semantic Web are incompatible, and that XML is able to do all that the Semantic Web promises without reinventing the semantic extensions inherent in RDF and OWL.