About the Proceedings

The starting point for these proceedings was the XML papers themselves, submitted in the DocBook grammar and in accordance with specific authoring guidelines. All other pages of these proceedings were automatically generated by software in a batch process. The inputs to that software were the DocBook XML files and a master XML file with other conference data.

The software consists primarily of scripts and XSLT templates collection that provide all stages of document processing required to produce print and online output.

There are two phases of document processing:

  1. Synthesize XML indices by reading DocBook data, constructing cross-references, eliminating duplicate data, collating and ordering
  2. Publish the indices as HTML, and the papers as HTML, PDF and SVG

The HTML publishing was accomplished using our customized version of the DocBook Open Repository and RenderX stylesheets.

The PDF publishing was accomplished with RenderX XEP using our customized version of the DocBook Open Repository stylesheets.

The SVG publishing was accomplished with a RenderX XEP to SVG Converter that maps XEP intermediate format to a collection of SVG files, one for each page.