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Application Development Trends (ADT) is a critical read for senior software decision makers interested in the latest enterprise application news, trends, best practices, case studies, vendor announcements, and more. ADT provides readers with the information they need to make better decisions and improve their organization’s efficiency and productivity. Visit!

C/C++ Users Journal

For more than 20 years, C/C++ Users Journal (CUJ) has been the only magazine exclusively written for C/C++ developers. CUJ's editorial coverage of real-world development scenarios extends well beyond C and C++. Its diverse coverage includes the full gamut of languages, platforms and technologies; however, unlike other magazines, CUJ demonstrates how they interact and can best be leveraged with C and C++.

DevTown Station

Bringing Career Enhancing Education to IT Developers

DevTown Station maintains one of the best Developer Conference and Educational Event Calendars. DevtownStation provides marketing assistance to companies looking to communicate with qualified IT communities for educational events. If you are running an IT educational event check out the site and post your upcoming conferences, webinars, road shows, or training courses, free of charge.

Dr Dobb's Journal

Now in its 30th year, the award-winning magazine, Dr. Dobb's Journal, has been the only magazine to cover cross-platform, language-independent software development and architecture in serious depth. Dr. Dobb's Journal is written exclusively for professional software development leaders and architects, and provides tools and techniques using relevant, real-world solutions.


EContent magazine is the source for digital content strategies and resources. With a unique focus on the digital content industry, it covers the strategies, tools, and infrastructure organizations need to leverage their most valuable asset - content.

Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems (ES) provides practical insight into managing and integrating business-critical systems, data and applications across a wide spectrum of platforms. Offering real-world business and technology information, ES includes key industry analyst and user perspective on enterprise servers and mainframes, security, storage, and business intelligence. For more information, visit


As the leading IT Newsweekly eWEEK remains true to its mission of 20 years, providing news, analysis, opinion and expert technology reviews. This truly unique editorial approach allows eWEEK’s 400,000 Enterprise buyers to leverage technology to meet business goals, and gain competitive advantage.

Federal Computer Week

Federal Computer Week is the leading media brand for the government IT market. Its print, online, event and custom media products uniquely integrate coverage of government, business and technology issues to help government IT decision-makers achieve results and meet agency missions. Federal Computer Week’s integrated media platform serves the information needs of more than 100,000 members of the government IT buying team­agency executives, program managers, IT managers and systems integrators­across all segments of federal, state and local government.


InfoWorld Media Group provides cutting-edge coverage and evaluation of IT products and services for technology experts in senior management. Powered by an independent Test Center, InfoWorld analysts and editors provide hands-on analysis, evaluation, and expert commentary on issues surrounding emerging technologies and products.

Integration Developer News

Delivering Flexibility to IT Architectures

Integration Developer News, launched over 3 years ago, brings F2000 senior business and technical experts news, technology trends, and Best Practices for delivering "flexible architectures" to IT. IDN speaks to Executives, Architects and Senior Developers looking for ways IT assets can better align with business needs. Topics includes: SOA, Web Services, Composite Applications, Modeling, ESBs, Java/.NET interoperability, Workflow, Governance and Mobile Integration.


IT Architect delivers information about current and emerging enterprise architectural solutions vital to the success of an organization. This unique editorial perspective is driven by the Impact Assessment module that plays a critical function in the architectural decision-making process to help readers assess the risk and benefit from choosing a particular architecture or technology direction. IT Architect delivers 125,000 IT Architects. For more information, visit:

NetWork Computing

For IT, by IT, Network Computing delivers comprehensive evaluation in a real-world environment through a unique methodology that mirrors readers' technology evaluation and decision-making processes. Our four pillars of Technology Accountability: reliability/scalability, integration issues, vendor viability and business justification. The publication reaches 220,000 IT Managers and staff. For more information, visit:

Open Enterprise Trends

Bringing Open Source to Enterprise IT

Open Enterprise Trends chronicles how Open Source/Open Standards can lower costs, speed development and easily extend F2000 legacy commercial software systems. OET's results-driven content includes: news, analyst trends, expert interviews, and IT Best Practices. OET strives to put Executives, Architects and Senior Developers all on the same page when evaluating LAMP-J and other Open Source options.

Oracle Magazine

It's not just for DBAs anymore. Whether you're implementing Web services and SOA in your enterprise, storing native XML data in Oracle XML DB, or managing your XML in Oracle Database with XQuery, Oracle Magazine can help you fill in any blanks so your project works seamlessly. Visit us at

ACM Queue

As a publication of ACM, an organization with a long-standing heritage of intellectual integrity and unvarnished critical commentary, Queue's articles and observations anticipate and assess the challenges expected to arise in the months ahead as new and emerging technologies gain widespread acceptance. Unlike most other magazines aimed at the computer professional, Queue's "forward-looking" editorial does not provide solutions for the "here-and-now", but instead helps decision-makers plan future projects by examining the challenges and problems they are most likely to face.


SQL Server Magazine is the definitive guide to building enterprise-class business solutions using SQL Server and .NET technologies. We deliver the technical, tactical, and hands-on information that empowers DBAs, developers, and business intelligence architects to do their jobs better. For more information, visit:


Web Services Journal

Web Services Journal is the premier publication for information technology professionals interested in leveraging their enterprise investments and increasing the ROI on their existing systems through Web services technology. WSJ is the premier source for news, interviews, product reviews, standards and development information relating to Web services.

Web Services Summit

XML Journal

XML-Journal is the world's leading print and online resource for Internet technology professionals involved with the worldwide development and implementation of XML. Each issue contains the latest news concerning Enterprise Application Integration and Web services, XML standards updates, new developments in e-commerce, product reviews, tutorials, case studies, and interviews with i-tech industry leaders. For more information, visit: