XML in Mathematical Web Services

Track: End-User Applications, Knowledge Management, Large-Scale Architectures

Audience Level: Technical view

Time: Wednesday, November 16 11:00

Author: Mike Dewar, Numerical Algorithms Group

Author: Elena Smirnova, University of Western Ontario

Author: Stephen M. Watt, University of Western Ontario

Keywords: Web Services, Distributed Systems, Semantic Web, Knowledge Management, Ontology, Mathematics


We describe a framework for delivering mathematical web services, resulting from the MONET project.

Mathematical problems often have a well-defined structure that can be described in detail at a fine-grained level. In the MONET architecture, mathematical services describe their capabilities using a Mathematical Services Description Language in addition to WSDL. When presented with a problem, a mathematical service broker selects an appropriate set of services and combines them to provide a solver.

We describe how two XML-based data formats, OpenMath and Content MathML, are used in a mathematical service toolkit based on the Maple computer algebra system. This service toolkit is based on a configuration engine that provides the appropriate conversions between the mathematical XML data formats, builds the necessary Maple program, and installs the necessary extensions to a generic Web services engine.