Towards SOA and Enterprise Integration: Lessons from the Police Service in UK

Track: Government, Case Studies, Large-Scale Architectures

Audience Level: High Level/Technical view

Time: Wednesday, November 16 16:45

Author: Michael Hu, Police Information Technology Organization

Keywords: SOA, Enterprise Integration


This paper presents our approach and lessons learnt to date of setting up and deploying the service oriented architecture for modernising and integrating Police IT systems in the United Kingdom.

The foundation that we have established in the Police Service in the UK is a service oriented enterprise framework that relates the Enterprise Business Model for the Police Service to the underlying Enterprise Technical Model. Whist the Enterprise Business Model includes primitive and extended business activities and processes, the Enterprise Technical Model includes the following three key elements:

1) A standardised/national corporate data model & data interchange (XML)schema;

2) A centrally planned and managed national software component catalogue;

3) The XML/Web Services based service oriented architecture.

In the paper, we discuss how we see the different models fit together supporting the service oriented enterprise framework, with the focus on the role of data & messaging standards and service oriented architecture is in supporting such a framework. The case study included in the paper represents our design and deployment in 2004 of a pilot system involving Web services provided by the Police IT Organisation (PITO) in the UK, the Police National Computer (PNC), the Metropolitan Police Service (New Scotland Yard), and a number of other forces throughout the country. The system and its business process are modelled on the national information sharing and intelligence model, and are built with XML/Web services based service oriented architecture we have set up. We will conclude with lessons learnt in implementing and managing this and a number of other programmes and projects in the Police Service in UK.