Architecture evolution of an application: Center in a Box

Track: Case Studies, Deploying XML, Large-Scale Architectures

Audience Level: High Level/Technical view

Time: Thursday, November 17 11:45

Author: Mano Marks, University of California, Berkeley

Author: Chitra Madhwacharyula, University of California, Berkeley

Author: Christine Jones, University of California, Berkeley

Author: Robert Glushko, University of California, Berkeley

Keywords: Document Modeling, Service, Architecture, Web, ATOM, SOA


This paper presents a case study in the evolution of a content management system from a static web-publishing model to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). We will describe the development of Center in a Box (CIB), an application created at U.C. Berkeley’s Center for Document Engineering to support the semi-automatic creation of customized websites for university research centers. In particular, we discuss our use of the document engineering methodology and our decision to use smallx pipelines instead of Cocoon . and the migration to a modified Atom format for storing our content.