OASIS SOA Adoption Blueprints

Track: Town Halls, Deploying XML, Late Breaking News

Audience Level: High Level/Technical view

Time: Wednesday, November 16 19:30

Author: Miko Matsumura, Infravio

Keywords: SOA Adoption Blueprints, OASIS, Generico Sample application, SOA Functional requirements


To help corporations more effectively deploy service-oriented architectures (SOA), BEA, Borland, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Veritas and others are backing the SOA Blueprints specification, developed by The Middleware Company. SOA Blueprints provides a sample application which highlights SOA best practices through GeneriCo, a fictitious business entity, described in a functional and behavioral specification to demonstrate how SOA can solve real-world issues. This specification currently exceeds 170 pages and is the first complete vendor-neutral specification of an SOA application set.

Currently being transitioned under the governance umbrella of OASIS, SOA Blueprints creates a common vocabulary to discuss SOA in an architecturally neutral way allowing comparable implementations to be compared using different technology sets including J2EE, .NET and Web Services. The blueprints themselves depict technology neutral best practices and patterns, while the vendor implementations illustrate platform specific strategies.

This dicussion will cover current implementations of the blueprints, including complete implementations from BEA and Microsoft, built on the Weblogic and .NET platforms respectively, as well as those currently under development at Oracle and Sun. As one of the original team members at The Middleware Company, the creator of SOA Blueprints, Matsumura built the partner program for SOA Blueprints and has a deep knowledge of its partner activity.

Starter questions include,

1. What are the biggest challenges to SOA?

2. What are the top requirements from business?

3. What are the top requirements from IT?