B2B Security Implementation Using Web Services

Track: Product Presentations

Audience Level: Technical view

Time: Thursday, November 17 16:45

Author: David Pawloski, SOA Software

Keywords: Security, B2B Security, Application Architecture, Case Studies, Enterprise Applications, Internet, Interoperability, Middleware, SOAP, UDDI, Web, Services, WSDL, XML


* Presentation Objectives

o Understand the challenges in realizing effective B2B security implementation in real life.

o Explore the challenges of managing system performance, load balancing, failover, and other real-world concerns in B2B Web services security implementation

* Introduction - The data center is never quite as simple as the white board

o Assuring performance with security

o Addressing issues of reliability in a real Web services security deployment

o Scalability

o Failover and load balancing

o Managing change without losing security or operational efficiency