Bulletproofing Web Services

Track: Product Presentations

Audience Level: Technical view

Time: Tuesday, November 15 14:45

Author: Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Corporation

Keywords: SOAP, Web Services, Interoperability, Compliance, Security, Testing


Web services are gaining industry-wide acceptance and usage. They are moving from proof-of-concept deployments to actual usage in mission-critical enterprise applications. While Web services allow businesses to connect to partners and customers, this same flexibility and connectivity provide an increased opportunity for errors.

As companies and consumers rely more on Web services, it becomes increasingly important for Web services developers to know how to properly design, develop, deploy, and ultimately manage a Web services system. However, because of the inherent complexities that can arise with a Web service implementation, it can be difficult to grasp practical fundamentals and devise a step-by-step plan for Web services development.

Therefore, we will take a look at the nuts and bolts of implementing and deploying a reliable, high-quality integration system - or rather, a bulletproof Web service. By implementing the Parasoft Automated Error Prevention (AEP) Methodology into your development process, you can be sure that fundamental development practices are established for a reliable Web service. The AEP Methodology provides clear and practical guidelines for every Web service implementation detail - from the required

practices and infrastructure elements, to a plan for introducing each practice and element, to a team workflow that makes the most efficient use of the prescribed practices and elements.

This presentation will explain issues specific to Web services and will illustrate the solid engineering and testing practices required to ensure complete Web service functionality, interoperability, and security. Whether creating Web services from scratch or integrating legacy back-end servers via Web services, the practices and principles outlined in this presentation will be of great benefit.