XML Masters Series: Web Services

Track: Late Breaking News, Large-Scale Architectures, Deploying XML

Audience Level: Technical view

Time: Tuesday, November 15 11:00

Author: Farrukh Khan, Ohio State University

Author: Gerald Beuchelt, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Author: Parand Darugar, Yahoo Inc.

Author: John Evdemon, Microsoft Corporation

Author: Christopher Ferris, IBM Corporation

Author: Ed Horst, AmberPoint

Author: John Schneider, AgileDelta, Inc.

Keywords: Web Services, SOA


Our solution named OR-*, developed at the Ohio State University Medical Center, is a suite of secure systems based on Service Oriented Architecture. The solution uniformly treats collection of "medical actions" generated in a hospital as electronic medical records. One suite named OR-Eye allows (desktop or mobile) remote monitoring, recording, and replay of clinical data emerging from the Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units. Another suite named OR-Medication enables recording of medication actions. A third suite named OR-Track, currently under construction, allows patient and equipment tracking. The solution is based on autonomous XML Web Services enhanced by WS-* specifications (WS-Policy, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation, WS-Reliable Messaging etc.). Ease of development was achieved by using Microsoft's Indigo technology. We estimate that our solution decreased the cost of implementing security by 80% compared to earlier systems built by us. The system also facilitates billing, auditing, efficient workflow, reduced errors, improved education and research.