Modeling Methods and Artifacts for Crossing the Data/Document Divide

Track: Metadata and Semantics, Knowledge Management

Audience Level: High Level/Technical view

Time: Tuesday, November 15 14:00

Author: Robert Glushko, University of California, Berkeley

Keywords: Document Engineering, Modeling, Document Analysis, Data Modeling


Many people have contrasted narrative types of documents that mostly contain text with transactional types that mostly contain data, and they typically conclude that documents and data require different terminology, techniques, and tools in XML vocabulary development. But narrative and transactional documents are often closely related, either by structural transformation or by business processes. The emerging discipline of Document Engineering proposes a document-centric reformulation of traditional data analysis, and recasts its formal and specialized methods like normalization to apply equally to narrative style documents. At the same time it takes the best practices of document analysis and applies them to understanding information components identified in transactional contexts.