Enterprise-level Web Form Applications with XForms and XFDL

Track: End-User Applications, Deploying XML, Core Technologies

Audience Level: Technical view

Time: Thursday, November 17 16:45

Author: John Boyer, IBM Corporation

Keywords: XForms, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Content Management, Digital Signatures, Web Services, ECommerce, E-Government, E-business, Application Architecture


This paper describes a platform for the XML definition of secure, intelligent web-based applications. XForms provides a powerful model-view-controller (MVC) pattern that may best be described as a cause-and-effect XML processing model originated by XFDL. This paper describes a new version of XFDL that consumes, or skins, XForms. Hence, this paper presents the first integration of the standardized XML markup for expressing the core processing of a web-based form applications (XForms) with a host language (XFDL) that offers security, precision presentation, a document-centric capability, and other features that contribute to a more rich user experience.

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