Securing XML - case studies from the Financial Services Industry

Track: Case Studies, Vertical Industries

Audience Level: High Level/Technical view

Time: Wednesday, November 16 14:00

Author: Mark O'Neill, Vordel

Keywords: XML, Web Services, Interoperability, Integration, Financial Services


XML is becoming the de facto business document interchange language for the Internet. Technologies such as SOAP and EBXML have been developed within the XML framework. Digital security standards and techniques are now being applied to XML, and to 'business webs' built using XML and Web Services. This presentation discusses these initiatives and the issues being encountered when applying security principles of confidentiality and non-repudiation to XML. Drawing on practical experience in Vordel projects, this presentation looks at how Web Services can be applied in the Financial Services industry to provide for improved secure partner and customer integration for the delivery of products and services.

Key issues describing what attendee will learn

*The security challenges associated with using XML

*The inability of traditional security to meet these demands

*How new security standards will complement existing security infrastructures and technologies to provide complete solution.