Eric Severson

Flatirons Solutions Corporation

United States of America

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An internationally recognized XML pioneer and content management industry expert, Mr. Severson has over twenty years of experience in the technology field, ranging from hands-on product development and consulting to senior management roles in engineering and marketing.Mr. Severson worked directly on the design of the JSP solution, and is currently Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of Flatirons Solutions Corporation, a consulting and systems integration firm specializing in content management and XML-based publishing. Prior to joining Flatirons, Mr. Severson was an Executive Consultant for IBM Global Services, where he focused on content management and XML, and was a principal developer of IBM's XML certification test. He also served as Vice President and Chief Strategist for Interleaf, Inc., an XML-based content management company, and was co-founder, CTO and principal developer for Avalanche (a startup SGML/XML software development company). Mr. Severson is a past President of OASIS, and was a member of the advisory boards of the AIIM Document Management Alliance and the Xerox Executive Roundtable for Document Technology. Mr. Severson holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin, and completed Ph.D. coursework in Computer Science at the University of Colorado. He also holds an IBM consultant certification, an IBM XML developer certification, a CPA certificate, and a Certificate in Data Processing (CDP).


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