Dale Waldt

aXtive minds

United States of America

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Mr. Waldt provides XML and electronic system/product development support through aXtive Minds, Inc. aXtive Minds focuses on XML solutions for publishing, compliance, legislative & regulatory, and related applications. Dale previously served as an Industry Consultant to OASIS. Mr. Waldt was VP Product Technology at RIA, the tax publishing business unit of the Thomson Corporation where, for 11 years, he led teams in SGML and XML system and product development and was an integral member of the senior management team. In the 1980's, Dale participated system development at the IRS in Washington, DC. Dale co-authored The SGML Implementation Guide (Springer 1995) and was founder and publisher of <TAG> The SGML Newsletter for 11 years. Dale has taught, spoken, and written on SGML/XML and related standards and technology worldwide for many years.


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