Macromedia Flex - RIAs for Local Government

Track: Product Presentations, Case Studies, Government

Audience Level: High Level/Technical view

Time: Thursday, November 17 16:00

Author: Bryan Tidd, City of Canton

Keywords: MXML, Flash, RIA, Government


With the release of Macromedia's Flex presentations server and Flash Platform, Creating rich web based applications has become a mater of putting together some XML and ActionScript. This presentation with take you through the processes of a local governemnt's development of RIA's using Flex to gain greater acception of web based services, but also reduce the labor of some departments based on access to the information for the people we serve.

Flex and the IDE, Flex Builder, will display how these applications were built and deployed. Providing a very productive product to create Rich Internet Applications, by as single developer in a small to mid-sized city, my beloved City of Canton, Goergia.