Bryan Tidd

City of Canton

United States of America

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Bryan Tidd finished his Master's Degree in Physics in 1996, then went directly to work for a software development company for governmental and non-profit accounting. Seeing the lack of leadership and insite at local government level, he accepted the position as the first Director of Technology for the City of Canton in 2000.Knowing that the Internet is the face of most companies and institutions, He began building small web applications in crude html and JavaScript. He then rewrote them in Macromedia's ColdFusion CFML. Know those and other applications are being replaced by Macromedia Flex RIA's. Flex is based on MXML (Macromedia's namespaced derivative of XML and ActionScript 2, an Emacscript scripting language not unlike JavaScript).


Macromedia Flex - RIAs for Local Government