Bryght - Hosted Web 2.0 sites for everybody

Track: Product Presentations, Case Studies, End-User Applications

Audience Level: High Level view

Time: Thursday, November 17 14:00

Author: Roland Tanglao, Bryght

Author: Kristopher Krug, Bryght

Keywords: Content Management, Blogs, RSS


Bryght is a hosted service for Web 2.0 sites based on the open source Drupal system. Drupal is the best platform for creating Web 2.0 sites (sites with 2 way multimedia conversations) and Web 2.0 applications and for aggregating and generating RSS and other standard formats.

This session will discuss Bryght and Drupal's advantages over other systems and how end users, resellers and those who want lots of sites can best use Bryght, what we call "mass hosting".

Finally, the joys and pains of running an open source company will be discussed.