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A proposed XML standard for contract documents
Using XSL, XForms and UBL together to create complex forms with visual fidelity
Bryght - Hosted Web 2.0 sites for everybody
DITA, Content Management and XML Authoring
Enterprise-level Web Form Applications with XForms and XFDL
Everyone's using XML, but does anyone care?
Global large-scale stylesheet deployment case study
Introduction to DITA References
Migrating to XML DB2 Native XML with Exegenix conversion technology
On Language Creation
Reaching New Levels of Interoperability and Collaboration withDITA
Records, Tags and Pipelines
Remixing RSS: Past, Present and Future
The Role of XML Data Validation in e-Regulatory Systems
XML Authoring Panel
XML in Mathematical Web Services
Large scale validation of millions of UBL Invoices with XML Schema and Schematron
Making the right constraints for usable and accessible user interfaces
SYSTRAN Translation Stylesheets: Machine Translation driven by XSLT
Getting the most out of COCOON:A XML-based webservice for a registration agency
System Architecture for XML Offload to a Cell Processor-Based Workstation
Securing XML - case studies from the Financial Services Industry
UDDI and ebXML from One Registry
XML Registry APIs: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?
SOA Policies and Their Enforcement
The Power of Native XML Applications
System Architecture for XML Offload to a Cell Processor-Based Workstation
United Kingdom
A Generalized Grammar for Three-way XML Synchronization
Creating and Maintaining Large Families of Related Schemas
Developing Vocabularies with Multiple Distributed Teams
Functional XML: A preliminary sketch
Lost in the Semantics
Models and Messages: Insights from the HL7/OMG Services Specification Project
Names, Namespaces, XML Languages and XML Definition Languages
New XML Validation Technologies in Action
The Session Concept and Web Services
Towards SOA and Enterprise Integration: Lessons from the Police Service in UK
Web Service Compositions: From XML Syntax to Service Models
XML in Mathematical Web Services
XML Masters Series: Document Publishing
United States of America
.gov xmlCoP Town Hall Meeting
2005: The Year Mainstream Networking Embraced XML
A Close Look at the Compact XML Schema-Aware XML Processing Framework
A Tool Kit for Implementing XML Schema Naming and Design Rules
ACORD Security Profiles: Securing Insurance Web Services
Analysis of XML schema usage
Applying Commercial XML Firewall Technology in Multinational Military Networks
Architecture evolution of an application: Center in a Box
Automated mass production of XSLT stylesheets
B2B Security Implementation Using Web Services
Benefits of Avoiding Runtime/Build-Time Distinctions for Metadata Vocabularies
Best Practices for XML Schema Evolution in Application Development
Binding the Graphical Web (Component and Data Bindings with XBL, XHTML and SVG)
Bridging Islands of ESB with Web Services
Bulletproofing Web Services
Case Study: Use of Liberty Federated Network Identity in an Enterprise Outsourcing Environment
Challenges of Building Web Services on Mobile Devices
Computing for the Mathematical Sciences with XML, Web Services, and P2P
DataDirect XQuery - Database Independent XQuery
Defining Network XML Threat Prevention: Next Generation XML Intrusion Prevention
Describing Web Applications
Developing a Business Case for XML-based Content Management Systems
DITA Case Study: The Joseph Smith Papers Project
Efficient XML
Extending XML in the Enterprise
Federated Identity Management
From Atoms to OWLs the new ecology of the Semantic Web
Going From Disparate Data to BI
Handling Math in Real-World Workflows: Practical Lessons
How schema-validity is different from being married
Implementing a Government-wide Semantic Solution to Thesauri
Integrating Messaging and Databases to Implement Service Architectures
Integrating XML with legacy relational data for publishing on handheld devices
Introduction to the NEW Native XML Support in DB2
Linking Outside the Box
Macromedia Flex - RIAs for Local Government
Microsoft Office Open XML formats
Migrating to XML DB2 Native XML with Exegenix conversion technology
Modeling Methods and Artifacts for Crossing the Data/Document Divide
Native XML Databases in the Real World
Native XML Scripting with E4X
OASIS SOA Adoption Blueprints
Opening Up: Sharing Data and Technology as a Growth Strategy
Overview of Visual Basic 9.0
Performance Analysis of XML APIs
Phantom XML
Plugging into the Pervasive XML Infrastructure
Proliferation of OASIS Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Standard
PubMed Central
Real World XML: Using Content Management Systems in Higher Education Course Catalogs
RosettaNet: Adoption Brings New Problems, New Solutions
Semantic Web Calendaring: RDF Calendar, hCalendar, and GRDDL
Semantics and Security: Applying OWL and RDF to Defense and Security Challenges
Simplified Discovery Model: Key to Success
SOA in the Real World
SQL, XQuery, and SPARQL
Syntax, Semantics & Standards: Model for a National Health Information Network
Syntext Serna and New Trends in XML Content Authoring
The AtomAPI: Publishing Web Content with XML and HTTP
The Federal CIO Council's Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice (SICoP)
The Future of XML Information Management
The Impact of XML on Contract Law and Contract Litigation
The PC's PI Guide to Deploying XML
The Session Concept and Web Services
TigerLogic XML Data Management Server - The Power Behind An SOA
Trusted Information Sharing
UBL Update
Unit Testing in XSLT 2.0
Using SVG in Document Management
Using XML For Platform Security
XJ: Integrating XML and Java
XLinq: XML Programming Refactored (The Return Of The Monoids)
XMI and the Many Metamodels of Enterprise Metadata
XML and Web Services: A Blueprint for Next Generation Applications
XML Authoring for Those Who Don't Like Markup
XML Authoring Panel
XML Conference Schema Documentation
XML Data Binding: Integrating XML and Object-Oriented Technologies
XML Document Formats
XML Goes Mainstream
XML in the Wild Blue Yonder
XML Initiatives in Pharma
XML Marks the Spot: XML Helps Move Knowledge from Books to Bytes
XML Masters Series: Document Publishing
XML Masters Series: Web Services
XML schema languages
XML, REST, and SOAP at Yahoo
XQuery By Example: Making O'Reilly Books Sing and Dance
XSL Transform Self-Documentation
XSLT throughout the document lifecycle
Your schema and the industry-standard schema